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Daniel Mofor Honored in Forbes

Our Founder, Daniel Mofor, was honored to be included into Forbes's Next 1000 this year.

Sonya Mofor COO

Sonya Mofor


Sonya is the link between the world and the Don Morphy brand. She takes great pride, and believes in this brand so much that she makes it a point to make every person she encounters a fellow believer. Her goal is to 'Morph every person into a Don’ and to create a once in a lifetime experience for Don Morphy clients.Sonya enjoys spending time with family and socializing with fellow fashionistas in Dallas. She is a foodie and loves traveling and trying new restaurants.As Daniel's sister, Sonya has been by his side since the beginning.

Sensei - Chief Stylist

Alyza Idaly aka "Sensei"

Chief Stylist

Alyza is the reason you will be looking so good when you step on the aisle, the stage, or as soon as you leave the showroom. With more than 10 years of fashion styling, design, and development background, Alyza works side by side with our clients, guiding and advising them to fashion victory, like a true Sensei should. When something needs to be done, she is the first to figure out how to make it happen.When she's not in the showroom she's with her pups 'Papi Chulo' & Mon Cheri' and enjoys last minute flights on the weekends, especially to her home country, Puerto Rico.

Delanie Griffin NYC Lead Stylist / Manager

Delanie Griffin

NYC Lead Stylist / Manager

Delanie is the manager of our NYC location. She has a background in apparel design and product development. Delanie likes to incorporate a streetwear aesthetic into her styling to create bright unique customizations perfect for any occasion. She has a great stylistic eye and wants to work with your personal style to give you the perfect suit.Aside from work, Delanie loves spending time with her dog, Cairo. She also enjoys listening to true crime podcasts and is a horror movie fanatic!

Jazmyn Allyse Account Manager Dallas-NYC

Jazmyn Allyse

Dallas- NYC Account Manager

Jazmyn, the account manager, often referred to as the "face of the company" holds the Don Morphy team and artisans accountable for ensuring quality customer service. She knows that fashion comes with a whirlwind of issues, but it is her empathy and understanding that pushes to make every experience with Don Morphy a great one for all clientele. She strives to continue to push the gas-pedal for Don Morphy!Outside of Don Morphy, Jazmyn is a model, actress, and studies law.