Introducing an exclusive Q&A with our lead designer, Daniel Mofor, also affectionately known as 'The Don' at Don Morphy. With his keen eye for detail and unparalleled expertise in menswear, The Don answers your most pressing style questions. From the perfect tie length to the art of accessorizing, dive into these style insights directly from the maestro of menswear himself.

HOW LONG SHOULD MY TIE BE? The perfect tie length touches the waistband of your trousers. This varies based on tie length, knot style, how you wear your trousers, and personal taste.

CAN I PAIR A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT COLLAR WITH A SUIT? Absolutely! A button-down collar offers a more casual look compared to a pinpoint collar. For formal settings, opt for clean, simple shirts - pinpoint collars, no pockets, French front, and French cuffs.

WHY DO SOME LEAVE THEIR SUIT CUFF BUTTONS UNDONE? This is a signature of custom suits. Off-the-rack suits have non-functional buttons due to unknown arm lengths. Custom suits, made to measure, have working cuffs, allowing you to subtly showcase its bespoke nature.

SHOULD I HANG MY SWEATERS? We advise folding sweaters and knitwear. Hanging can stretch them out and cause shoulder imprints.

IS OVER-ACCESSORIZING A THING? Definitely. It's easy to overdo it. Follow this guideline: dress up, look in the mirror, then remove one accessory. A well-balanced look often includes 2, maybe 3 tastefully chosen accessories.

CAN I WEAR BROWN SHOES WITH A DARK CHARCOAL SUIT? Yes, if the grey of the suit is distinct from black. Pair dark brown shoes with it. If the suit appears black, stick to black shoes for a classic look.

CUFFS ON FLAT-FRONT PANTS - YES OR NO? Yes. Flat-front pants can be styled with or without cuffs. It's all about your personal preference and body type.

IDEAL SHIRT CUFF VISIBILITY UNDER A SUIT? Aim for a quarter to a half-inch of shirt cuff visible below the suit sleeve.

HOW TALL SHOULD SOCKS BE? Go for invisible socks for a sockless look or at least mid-calf to avoid showing skin when sitting. Over-the-calf socks are excellent for staying in place all day.

WATCH SIZE WITH A SUIT - HOW BIG IS TOO BIG? It's a matter of personal style. Watches over 45mm may be too large for formal settings. Opt for a sleek, smaller watch for black-tie events.

IS A SUIT TOO FORMAL FOR A JOB INTERVIEW? No. A suit makes a positive impression for office or corporate job interviews.

WHAT IS “WHITE TIE” ATTIRE? More formal than “Black Tie,” it includes a tailcoat, white vest, white bow tie, and a wing collar shirt.

BRACELETS FOR STYLE - NECESSARY? Not at all. Bracelets can be stylish if worn correctly, but aren't a must-have for a fashionable look.

WATCH BAND - SHOULD IT MATCH BELT & SHOES? Matching isn't mandatory. Avoid mixing black with brown. Metal bracelets are versatile.

WEARING CLEAR-LENSED GLASSES AS AN ACCESSORY? Eyewear can be a great accessory. Just be mindful not to over-accessorize.

CAN I WEAR A SWEATER WITH A SUIT? Definitely, as long as it fits comfortably under the jacket.

CLEANING A NECKTIE SPOT? Never use water. Blot with rubbing alcohol or try a gentle stain remover. For grease stains, use talc powder. If unsuccessful, consult a professional dry cleaner.

WHAT CAUSES PILLING ON SWEATERS? Pilling is normal, caused by loose fibers tangling. Remove it with a "sweater shaver."

TOPCOAT VS. OVERCOAT? A topcoat ends above the knee, while an overcoat extends below the knee.

BEST HANGERS FOR SUIT JACKETS? Broad, rounded wooden hangers are ideal. Avoid wire or straight plastic hangers.

USING A POCKETSQUARE AS A HANDKERCHIEF? Only in emergencies. It's primarily a decorative piece.

SHOE CHOICES FOR SUITS? Opt for black, brown, or burgundy oxfords or bluchers. Match the shoe color with the suit.

BEST TIE KNOT? The four-in-hand knot is classic and versatile.

DRY CLEANING SHIRTS? Not necessary. Home washing and air drying are recommended.

FIRST SUIT COLOR? Navy or charcoal grey. Avoid black as it's reserved for formal occasions.

TIE BAR VS. TIE CLIP? Tie bars are more effective than clips in securing the tie.

ARE TIE TACKS OKAY? No, they can damage fine fabric ties.

IDEAL TROUSER LENGTH? Varies by preference but avoid overly long or short trousers.

CHOOSING A POCKET SQUARE? It should complement, not match, your outfit's colors and patterns.

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