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Creme Honeycomb Jacquard Tux Jacket

  • Jacket Features:

    • Design: A single-breasted jacket, harmonizing classic elegance with modern refinement
    • Fabric: Crafted from sumptuous jacquard, its rich texture speaks volumes of luxury
    • Pattern: The fabric showcases a distinguished textured pattern, offering an exquisite visual appeal
    • Pockets: Tux line pockets, meticulously designed for a seamless and sophisticated silhouette
    • Buttonhole: The Milanese buttonhole, a subtle homage to the finesse of our tailoring
    • Lapel: An elegant 8cm shawl lapel, perfectly complementing the jacket's luxurious fabric
  • Care Instructions:

    • Maintenance: Recommended dry clean only to preserve the integrity and beauty of the jacquard weave
  • Model Fit:

    • Height: 5'10"
    • Size: Featured in size 38, capturing the jacket's impeccable tailoring and stature

This jacket is an exemplar of sartorial excellence, ideal for the discerning man who commands a room with his grace and style, making it a perfect addition for gala events and celebratory occasions.


Do Not Wash
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Tumble Dry
Iron Low Heat
Reduced Dry Clean